Here Comes Silverwood - 2023! PLEASE READ



I am excited to be back and photographing for Silverwood and the Bull Terrier 2023 National Show! Although I haven't changed my base pricing in over 10 years, this year there is a slight change to a few packages. WIN PHOTOS Will be priced the same if purchased and paid at the show site. As always, I will have an iPad set up for ONE person to view your win photos and make sure you are getting what you want. If you choose not to pay at the show, the pricing online will be higher as well as have an additional shipping cost added.
You can see there is a bonus to buying during the show! Lower prices and I will cover shipping! I also have the "win form" online currently to have your basic info filled out in advance. This is not a jinx! The past two times I have done this, the Silverwood and/or MBTCA winners have used the form to speed up the process of getting their photos. CLICK HERE NOW TO PLEASE PRE-FILL IN THIS FORM

You can also pre-order your ringside candids! This will guarantee you ALL your photos depending on your choice. The (hopefully) good conformation shots you like, the fun and playful as well as the "naughty dog" - if your dog decides to be naughty! Without a pre-pay choice, there is no guarantee you will receive any ringside images. Although I always do my best to get everyone, I focus and only guarantee those who choose to pre-pay. CLICK HERE NOT TO PLEASE PRE-PAY - SIGN UP FOR RINGSIDE CANDIDS. Please read the form carefully, there is a cash option or credit card. Cash will be collected at the site, credit card will be invoiced prior to the start of Silverwood. Also, please read the next paragraph before filling out the form.

This year's location in Greenville, SC promises some beautiful locations for private photos! At the bottom of the ringside candid form is an option for private portraits. You will still need to fill out that form - but skip all the ringside if you do not want that and only choose the dropdown for private portraits. Whether you choose cash or credit card, will will receive an invoice for $50 as a non-refundable deposit in advance. Times and locations will be discused after the form has been received.