I am a business, but...the pricing is right!

I strive to give you the highest quality product at a fair and reasonable rate. That being said, it must be taken into account the amount of work a professional photographer does. My day doesn't end with yours. I have downloading, processing, server space, payment gateways and much more. For every hour spend photographing dogs, there is another hour culling and editing photos.

GoDogPhoto is a business! So even though I have made many friends over the years, I run like a business. You will NEVER be asked to pay through paypal as a "family or friend" to save me processing fees. You will NEVER be asked to scroll through hundreds and hundreds of images on Facebook to find yours. I use a professional site, and make every effort to break down images into categories to make them easier to find - even tagging names for searching when possible. You will NEVER be asked to buy a photo based on it's "megabyte" size vs it's pixel size - and YES, I will explain the difference to anyone who asks!

Prices are always subject to change, but I will always do my best to make a living and keep your photos at a reasonable rate at the same time. My time has value, please remember that.