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Natural Portraits

Let your dogs be the stars in their natural setting. Where do they love the best? The park, the mountains, the pool, this will be how they look the best.

Home or Location

Do you have a dog that is more comfortable in his/her own yard? What about a cat? I can come to you. Portraits to you will can bring the equipment.

Add the Family

Although I don't normally do family shots - with the pets, I'll make the exception! Interact with them, love them, make it a great portrait.

Let Go Dog Photo get that portrait

As a dog owner who has always had dogs that people find funny and strange looking (Bull Terriers and Bulldogs), I have never been quite comfortable in a studio. Studio shots, while beautiful, never quite fit my dogs personalities. That's where the natural portrait comes in. Whether set up in a beautiful setting, or the grab while they are playing, your dog will look like your dog!

Reasonable rates and packages to choose from. Check out the options at Portrait Pricing and know that all the editing, sizing and retouching are included!

Individualized Care

Concentrated effort on your dog

Portrait Packages

Rates and packages for everyone

Extended Locations

Travel fees may apply


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