Painted Portraits

Digitally, hand painted from any image

These are NOT auto-generated paintings from a program. These are digitally painted by hand, stroke by stroke to give you a high quality, painted image digitally! Every print is delivered on canvas for a more organic feel and look.

Just like with composites, other photographers images can be used but you must have permission for me to use their image as inspiration for a painting. The more detail and the higher quality the image, the easier to paint and get those details in - rather than trying to assume or add details that aren't clearly visable.

Although I can make them available as a digital, I mainly only sell them as canvas prints. Even though done digitally, these are still a painting and look best when done on canvas. A striking piece of wall art that creates a long lasting memory.

Painings require a significant amount of time. Each stroke is done by hand and care is taken to reflect the photo being used as inspiration. I normally tell people starting from the time I have all the necessary images to begin a project it is a minimum 2-4 weeks of painting time and then depending on the time of year and the printer used, another 1-2 weeks print time. Always plan a minimum of 1 month from start to delivery of your project.

All holiday projects must be in and ready to go no later than the end of October. This becomes a very busy time of year for everyone and it is important to plan to get gifts done with enough time for delivery.

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