Go Dog Photos Fine Portrait Sessions are HERE!



Working for 25+ years in production photography, I have decided to change lanes! I will still be involved in plenty of photography, filling in at performance events where needed and working a few selected events to see all my friends!

Now is the time to make some changes! I have been doing digital painting for about 2 years, and I LOVE it! Every stroke is done by hand, like an organic painting, it's just digital. I am now more focused on portraits, conformation (both nationals and ringside) photography and more graphic work! I will still be doing banners, trading cards, show ads and much much more! (check out under services)

Over the years I have done many portraits, but this past year I have immersed myself in dog portrait photography. I have taken new classes, joined workshops and challenges and attended conferences, all with the goal of improving and elevating my dog portrait photography. While everything in the art field is always changing and we are always learning, I am proud to say that I feel my portrait skills are vastly improved with these classes. My feedback from judges and instructors has been very positive and I am now driven to provide the best Urban Dog Portraits as well as beautiful Scenic Pet Portraits. The ability to do "studio style" portraits is available as well, but I encourage you to consider a more natural or urban setting. You will not be disappointed!

Please check out the Portrait Page and feel free to contact me with any questions you might have! When booking a portrait session, you will receive a questionnaire in advance so that we can plan the best experience possible.