Go Dog Photo DOES guarantee all pre-paid packages and photos!

Pre-paying for something you haven't seen can be frustrating. What if it is poor quality, or out of focus photos? That is never an issue with Go Dog Photo!

Every pre-order package and photo is guaranteed for quality and consistency. The guarantee DOES have limits, please read so you are fully aware of what is and what isn't covered!

What is covered by the guarantee:

  1. Quality of the photo - focus, no high noise, composition (no splashes or etc with unrecognizable dogs)
  2. Quantity of photos for selection or all day purchase options. A reasonable number of photos that makes your package a great deal
  3. Selection! There will be "runs" of your dog during a jump, meaning multiple photos that might look the same. That is because you get them all! But there will be enough variety in the overall event that you will have selection.

What is NOT covered by the guarantee:

  1. Your dog(s) performance. Please don't ask after "my dog didn't do well, I want a refund". If the pictures meet the above criteria, there is no refund
  2. Style: if you end up not liking my style of photos or the style of the photographer covering the event, as long as the criteria above is met, there is no refund
  3. Your personal expectation. As long as the criteria is met, our styles and expectations are all different and we can't be expected to know exactly what everyone wants

Things to remember if you are going to request a refund:

  1. DO NOT DOWNLOAD YOUR PHOTOS! They are all viewable online. If you have a question or concern or are thinking of asking for a refund, do not download a single image!! Any download will constitute your desire to have them all and NO REFUNDS will be issued.
  2. If you do request a refund and the photos might not meet the exact criteria for a full refund, note that partial refunds are still issued. Photographers are still working hard and providing quality work and their time has value and must be covered. This might be an option depending on the need for a refund
  3. If your dog is unable to perform due to illness/going into season/injury and has NOT been photographed, a full refund will be issued. If something happens at the event, partial refunds will be considered