Go Dog Photo

Title Photos

Sports and related events have titles! MACH/PACH and other titles like to be posed with the judge and captured! I am on site to get the shot.

Action Shots

With more than 20 years of experience shooting action photography with animals, I got this! Dock diving, agility, barn hunt, nose work - I'll get the shot.

Playing Portraits

Need some shots for a composite or want to play? I LOVE these photos! I call them playing portraits because although play, we are still looking for one great shot.

You WANT Go Dog Photo at your event!

Event photography and production photography are taking a new direciton with Go Dog Photo!! This means more concentrated effort on YOUR DOG! Be sure and check out our NEW PRICING page to see how things have changed! I think you will like the difference and will be happy with the results.

No more scrolling throw hundreds of photos to see your dog! You will now be able to purchase downloads or prints of ALL YOUR DOG'S images!! Your own gallery, no more choosing sizes, it will all be done in advance!

Individualized Care

Concentrated effort on your dog

Reasonable Pricing Packages

Small & XL images included

Nationals Representation

Travel and room only to be covered


Let others help you decide

Hire Go Dog Photo to shoot your National or Speciality Event
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