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Win Photos

Specializing in National and Specialty events. Win photos, when shot in a confined location, are shot wirelessly! This allows you to choose your win photos ON THE SPOT! No surprises in the mail later.

Ringside Candids

Unlike all-breed shows, I will sit ringside and capture each and every entrant! Everyone in the ring deserves to have a great photo.


While I know there are some photographers that do not like to do rally and obedience, I love it! I have a titled dog in rally and not a single photo, so I want to be there for you.

You WANT Go Dog Photo at your show!

The simple truth is - I care! As the sole owner and photographer, it is important to me that everyone gets the same care and consideration with their photos. If you are taking win photos, I am thrilled and happy for each placement and everyone will get the time that is needed to get the photo of their dog and win that they are happy with.

Ringside candids and obedience/rally get the same attention. I will not be running from ring to ring to get a few shots of a few dogs. I ONLY do National Events and Specialities. When I sit at the side of your ring, you will know that each dog and handler will have their photos taken.

Personalized Care

Photos for everyone

Reasonable Pricing

Small-XL images

Nationals Representation

Travel and room only to be covered


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