Action - Portrait - Fairytale/Whimsical

One of my favorite art projects to do are composites. Taking images and putting them into fun, exciting, explosive and whimsical backgrounds to all work together. Of course I prefer to use my images, but I can do this with yours as long as they are in focus, high quality and large enough.

Photos from other photographers can be used as well, providing you get written permission for me to alter their original image to be able to use it in a composite. Please do not tell me they are fine or don't care, it must be written so that I am certain I am not going against another photographers wishes.

I offer composites in final output as prints, acrylic wall art, canvas wall art and ocassionally as digital images for you to print as you like. Because of the detail in the images, I will only do composites a minimum of 8x10 print size with one image as the smallest and the larger the print/size is, the more images we can add.

Composites require a very artful approach. Many times I will begin something and find myself starting over because I don't like the direction it is taking. This is art and like anything that is hand designed it can be time consuming. I normally tell people starting from the time I have all the necessary images to begin a project it is a minimum 2 weeks of design time and then depending on the time of year and the printer used, another 1-2 weeks print time. Always plan a minimum of 1 month from start to delivery of your project.

All holiday projects must be in and ready to go no later than the end of October. This becomes a very busy time of year for everyone and it is important to plan to get gifts done with enough time for delivery.

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