About Services

Although I have stepped away from most performance sports, I am still providing graphics services, printing, gifts, banners and so much more. I love designing composite images, national banners, trading cards and it's all done with your ideas in mind! You tell me your colors, thoughts and info and I will build the graphics you have envision.

Custom Designs

Whether you are looking for a banner to take to events or wanting a custom gift, each and everything I offer under the services navigation is custom desinged by me! If you have a color scheme or thought behind what you would like, I will always work with you.


AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a hot button topic right now. I am slowly playing with it and finding some intersting uses! As long as it doesn't disrupt the integrity of my photography, and it is made 100% clear what I did vs what a computer did, I have no problems with adding an AI Element to your designs.

Custom Paintings

Each stroke is hand done, every painting is custom done stroke by stroke - only digital! Turning a favorite picture into a custom painted portrait makes for an amazing gift or a special piece of wall art for yourself.

What You Can Expect

Custom Designs

I like everything I do to be custom for you. Your dog (or pet) even if a cartoon, the colors, backgrounds and designs will all be unique and individual and unique to your order. I also help design and print trophies and awards for shows that are special.


Custom composites are a great way to show off the art of your dog's in action or portait setting. Multiple images, composited together with an artful background make for a stunning piece of art.

Digital Downloads

For some service items, digital downloads are available. I do recommend printing on various medium for the best results. I only use the highest quality printers for my products, but if there is something you wish to have a digital format of, just ask.