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What does the show/club pay?

For National and Speciality events, the club will cover the cost of transportation and room at the event.

What is included?

Assuming no overlaping events - all aspects of the show will be shot. Win photos, ringside, special events.

What is needed?

Long distance travel, for win photos it is necessary for the club to provide the decorations - see below.

Basic information about cost

I do not charge for my services or require a payment for time. The club/event will be expected to cover the travel costs and rooming costs for me at the event.

Win Photos are handled differently than ringside or production photos. I have the costs of backdrops, lighting, stands, etc. I always offer show specials and all win photos shot wireless MUST be paid prior to the shoot. The show cost of win photo prints are $35 for one 8x10, $50 for two. A single digital image at 8x10 size is $50, a digial and print of the same photo is $65. The single shot prices will stand after the show for additional online ordering, but the combo prices will not be available after.

Ringside pricing is production work. No set up, lighting or backdrops, so it is priced a bit differently. I offer three sizes of digital downloads ranging from $5-$25 as well as prints at $12-$25. Speciality items such as metal prints, canvas and composites are also available. Single image price ordering is ONLY available at specialities and nationals where I will be ringside for each event! Cluster and all breed shows require you to order the one price packages below to guarantee my being there for your dog.

Guarantee that your dog will be the focus of my attention when in the ring! You can purchase all photo packages at once price and get all your images in two sizes (Digital XL and SM). Coverage for one show (all classes excluding groups) is $55 digital images. There will be print pricing available at a discount if you prefer prints. Two shows in one day??? Get a discount, $100 for digital both shows. If you go onto groups you can add group coverage to either plan for $25 per group. Check the order form for multiple dogs showing on the same day discounts!! If you sign up two dogs on two different days, you MUST use two different forms - one for each dog. One form is good ONLY if you have multiple dogs on the same day same show.

Photos are GUARANTEED! You won't see that much! I will guarantee a minimum of four QUALITY images per show or your money back. No blurry, fuzzy or soft images. This will be a huge savings since we all know there are always more than four photos taken!

What is and isn't needed

Depending on distance traveled, if the club can provide the posing podium, it is helpful. I do have one, but they are large and cumbersome for travel involving flights. For all shows where I'm covering the win photos, I will provide lighting and backdrops as well as a computer and all equipment needed for wireless viewing when possible. The club or event must provide all decorations needed for their theme or show. If I am able to bring my own podium, then the club providing one will not be necessary. A table and chairs must also be provided by the event.

I do not require that the event provide me with meals. If water is available, that would be helpful but not necessary.

If an event is within a three hour drive, then I will drive and bring all equipment with me. If the event is farther than three hours, airfare will need to be provided. I always check and find the best flight available for the price to keep your costs down. Any event father than a half hour from my living area will need to provide a room at the host hotel for the event. It is important that I am onsite with my equipment and regardless of distance, if I am doing win photos I must stay at the host hotel. This allows for a more effeciant flow of time with win photos as well as attending all events necessary to get all the ringside and show side shots.

I generally travel with just about everything needed to make the event a success. On occasion I might require an additional extension cord or chair, but not usually. It is important to make sure that the hotel provides my room with high speed internet. While onsite I am always working!! Photos will be uploaded on a daily basis!

Purchase and products copyright

The purchase of images from Go Dog Photo does NOT release a copyright for you to use the image anyway you like. You are granted the implied rights to use the image(s) for any personal use or printing, but not for commercial use. Before any image is used in advertising, promotion or any other commercial use, you must receive permission and/or pay for commercial rights. Rights to use images in advertisitng will normally have all fee's waived in exchange for photographer recognition in the ad.

Show Ads and Announcements

Go Dog Photo produces show ads and announcements as well!! $40 per ad will get you a custom ad for your breed magazine. Contact me if you have other advertising or print/digital needs. I do banners, fliers and much more!

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