Package/Pre-Order Pricing

After many years of not updating my pricing, I am now faced with the necessity of making some slight changes. The increases are not that high, but, I am offering a cash option that many of you may like!

Beginning with NADD Nationals in July, the new pricing for pre-paid packages and online packages is increasing slightly. I will no longer upcharge if you order on-site, but there are now two options! Cash or Credit/Debit Card. Cash will offer a lower pricing plan since there will not be bank/card/processor fees and charges. (Yup, those keep going up to). You will be required to pay before your event begins! You are also required to fill out the form in advance as well! DO NOT FORGET THIS PLEASE When the form sends you to PayPal, simply close paypal down. If you are purchasing the Credit/Debit Card - then finish your order with PayPal.


I am VERY excited about this! I have been using the same company to process sales, deliver images and basically do the "back end" of sales for years. That is about to change! I am bringing sales "in house" starting July 1, 2021. You will now have the ability to pay via paypal or credit card. At National Dog Events where we have ringside and win photos - you will no longer be requried to place two separate orders! For the entire month of July, this system will be put through it's paces - making sure you photos are delivered timely, you should have the ability to download one at a time (for those on iPads, phones and personal devices) or still get all your photos zipped! The new software has many features that I will never get worked out in a month, but the basic working of getting your orders in and delivered should be good to go by Regionals!

During this new phase, please be kind and let me know what you think of the "flow" and if you encounter any issues I might be able to resolve or make better!