NADD - Southwest Regional Event!

Thanks to everyone's good friend, Corona Virus - nationals this year is split between many locations - and I am lucky enough to have been asked to photoraph the Southwest Region!

Being a national event, I want to bring on some GREAT packages for everyone. Remember, all pre-pay photo packages are GUARANTEED. If you have questions after reading this, you can contact me to get clairifcation.

Guarantee - What is guaranteed is the quality of the photos and the variety. I can not guarantee how your dog will jump! If you are not happy with your performance, that will not be covered in the photo guarantee. Email me if you would like more clarification on the guarantee and what yo can expect.

Pre-orders are the ONLY dogs photographed at this event. PLEASE DO NOT show up and ask the photographer to take your dog(s) photos if you didn't pre-order a package by October 20th. NO onsite orders will be taken.

Don't miss out of some amazing photos of you and your dog at this year's event! Mobile dock set up means new lighting and angles!