Win Photos and Ringside Candids!

GoDogPhoto has your NATIONAL SPECIALITY covered! Along with provding your win photos for all events, I will be ringside covering your dogs in confirmation as well as obedience and rally!

I have been photographing dogs for more than 25 years and love each challange I take on. In an effort to help you be able to get more ringside photos, I offer package pricing! I am one of the few show photographers that makes this offer, so don't let it pass you by! Packages DO NOT include win photos - those are handled separately.

Ordering packages online before the show will give you the best possible rates and discounts. Packages will still be available after the show, but those rates will be slightly higher. There will be a link at the bottom that will take you to the form to pre-order images. Special pricing does not include shipping if you choose a print package - that is handled directly through the printer and you must pay that at the time of placing your print order if you have chosen that. All other digital packages for pre-purchase are for high resolution digital images.

** Corona/Covid-19 Info ** While I realize we all have a different approach to the virus and how things are progressing, it is important you know where I stand so that I can make your experience relaxing and worry free. Consider me like any other photographer at any other show BEFORE this all began! I will respond to your needs as addressed at the show and follow all show rules and regulations, but you need not worry if I personally have any rules to follow. Mine will ONLY be what the show had dictated.
Forms will be required to be filled out for win photos - I will provide pens, but I will NOT be sanitizing them after each use. If you are concerned, please bring your own pen or simply keep the one from my station that you used. I will have a personal mask available to put on if anyone feels my presense it too close for their comfort - but I do not wear it for each photo. I encourage you to please bring a helper to stage, set up and pose your dog so that our interaction can be kept at a comfortable level for each of you.

Win Photos like ringsides will have a pay on site special pricing. All images will be placed online so that YOU get to choose which win photo you like - however, if you prepay for your photos after taking them (or at any point during the National Event) you recevie show site discount pricing. Again, you can purchase online after the event at a slightly higher rate.

If you have any questions at all with regards to photography, please use the contact form on this site and I will be happy to answer whatever your question or need is! See everyone soon.