Win Photos and Ringside Candids!

The Nationals are over and a great time was had by all!! Congratulations to all the winner and participants!

As I spoke about, with all the confusion and Covid issues, if you contacted me in advance about a pre-order at the show - you can use the contact me form on this site and I will send you the pre-order pricing options! You will then be invoiced for your choice and after payment is made, an email will be sent to you with all the information about getting your photos!

Win Photos if you didn't fill out a form on the table - I have one online!! This is NOT an order form, but an information form! Please choose your win photo first at: GoDogPhoto Show Site
copy down the image number you want as your win photo (only need the last four digits before the .jpg - example 5465.jpg) then click below to go to the info form to let me know what you want written on the info board about your win!! Remember, space is limited, so keep it the date and name of the show and the actual title (Award of Merit, Winners Bitch, etc)

If you have any questions at all with regards to photography, please use the contact form on this site and I will be happy to answer whatever your question or need is! See everyone soon.